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Sustainable Development Goals E-InventorySustainable Development Goals E-Inventory

Crowdsourcing proposals for post-2015 to feed into the intergovernmental process on SDGs
The e-Inventory is supported by a number of partner organisations and networks from all global regions. The partnerships will help to ensure that:
  • A diverse range of stakeholders are aware of the e-Inventory, the purpose of the project, and that submitting a proposal is one way of inputting into the intergovernmental process on SDGs;
  • The capacity building resources provided can be tailored to the different needs of a wide range of stakeholders;
  • The information is of optimal use for advocacy purposes; and
  • The project receives strategic inputs from organisations with different focuses (both environment and development), providing a full range of regional perspectives. 
Current partners include:



If your organisation is interested in becoming a partner, please contact Jack Cornforth:

The SDGs e-Inventory is supported by: