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    GENDER INEQUALITY AND FRAGILITYIN THE POST-MDG FRAMEWORK Inclusive social development Inclusive economic development Environmental sustainability Peace and security
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Netherlands, EUROPE
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Summary : Despite the progress that has been made in achieving the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs), fragility and gender inequality risk undermining development in many countries and reversing the gains that have been made over the past decades. As debates around the post-2015 agenda continue, it is critical that these two issues are prioritised in any future goals, targets and indicators that are proposed, and that they are linked strategically to the implementation of UNSCR 1325 on Women, Peace and Security and the New Deal on Engagement in Fragile States. This paper highlights key recommendations and possible actions that could be taken over the coming months to ensure a more coordinated approach to addressing fragility and gender inequality in the post-MDG framework

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Goal :  Inclusive social development

Targets and Indicators:  ?? Institutions uphold women’s rights and both women and men are able to participate in decision-making at all levels, including through holding public office
?? Civil society, including women’s organizations, are engaged and active in monitoring and holding local and national governments to account
?? Barriers to education are addressed, particularly those related to sexual violence against girls
?? The root causes of social and cultural discrimination and exclusion are addressed
??Household food security is ensured, including through establishment and enforcement of land and property rights for women
??Resources are prioritized and managed in a way that contributes to more equitable service delivery, and gender-specific issues such as women’s SRHR are emphasised

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Goal :  Inclusive economic development

Targets and Indicators: ?? Job opportunities are created and reduce incentives to engage in violence and conflict, and the barriers to women’s access to formal employment are actively addressed
?? Funding is allocated to income-generating projects including some quick wins, particularly for youth and marginalized groups
??Women are prioritized and targeted for involvement in labour intensive public and community works
?? Increased agricultural productivity and domestic private sector development benefit women farmers and entrepreneurs

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Goal :  Environmental sustainability

Targets and Indicators:  ??Natural resources are managed in a transparent way that benefits all members of society
??Women are supported to access technologies, networks and resources that increase their resilience and ability to adapt to climate change

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Goal :  Peace and security

Targets and Indicators:  ?? Broad-based processes for conflict resolution and reconciliation build on women’s grassroots peacebuilding efforts and address gender-related inequalities and insecurities
?? Improved behavior, effectiveness and accountability of formal and informal security actors, particularly in relation to the protection of women
?? Full and meaningful participation of communities, including women leaders and networks, in shaping security priorities and provision
?? Particular attention to the gender-specific security needs and vulnerabilities of women and girls
?? The political settlement is broadened beyond an elite settlement to become a societal compact, which includes women and addresses gender issues

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