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Sustainable Development Goals E-InventorySustainable Development Goals E-Inventory

Crowdsourcing proposals for post-2015 to feed into the intergovernmental process on SDGs
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     African Youth Declaration on Post-2015 Agenda Improved health service delivery and sexual reproductive health Youth empowerment and employment Equitable access to quality education and enhance appropriate technology Climate Change, Environmental Sustainability and Food Security Good Governance, Peace and Security (Access to) Social Justice, Protection of Minorities and Vulnerable Groups
African Youth Conference on Post-2015 Development Agenda
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Children and Youth,NGO
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Proposal :  African Youth Declaration on Post-2015 Agenda

Summary :  Declaration of the representatives of regional, sub regional and national youth organizations, participating in the African Youth Conference on Post-2015 Development Agenda at the UN Gigiri, from 18th-20th November 2012 organized by Organization of African Youth-Kenya in partnership with UNDP, UN-Habitat, PACJA, FEMNET, VSO Jitolee and Faces of Peace Kenya.
Assembled with an aim of accessing the progress made in achieving the MDGs, challenges faced and come-up with concrete actions towards acceleration of progress made and planning for the Post-2015 Agenda. And taking into account the submissions and input made through the online African Youth Survey on Post-2015 Development Agenda and social media.

Thematic Area(s):
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Goal :  Improved health service delivery and sexual reproductive health

Targets and Indicators:  • Health service delivery
Government should enact and implement policies that cover health issues which includes free/affordable and quality health care for youth especially young women and the tackling of common diseases including communicable and non communicable diseases
Government and stakeholders should increase access to information on health issues for young people especially reproductive health information like contraception and abortion for young women in both urban and rural
Hospital insurance fund should be extended and affordable to young people for easier access to quality health delivery.
• Drug and substance abuse
• Legislation and ratification of policies and laws
Governments must ratify, enact/or implement Global Health Declarations like the Alma Ata Declaration 1978; the People’s Health charter; African Union Protocol on the Rights of Women, Maputo plan of Action that calls for urgent action by all governments, all health and development workers, and the world community to protect and promote the health of all people and also policies that promotes budgetary allocations for citizens especially the youth
• Program development
Governments should develop programmes that cater for and take into consideration the mental, physical and social needs of young people.
Government and stakeholders to put in place measures to ensure young mothers access necessary knowledge and skills for their continued development
Governments should set up HIV/AIDs youth centers to carter and address issues on HIV/Aids among the youth by providing free HIV testing and treatment, counseling services among others
• Maternal health
Government and stakeholders should design interventions targeting the prevention of unplanned motherhood among young people.
• Sanitation
Government and stakeholders should enact/implement policies to support community’s access clean and safe water; sustainable hygiene and sanitation

Thematic Area(s):
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Goal :  Youth empowerment and employment

Targets and Indicators:  • Entrepreneurship
We demand accountability from governments in terms of how money set aside for young people is distributed and used. We recommend that this money should be handled by an independent body free of government interference.
Governments must provide transparent financial support to young people by enacting youth friendly policies that allow them to access loans and grants to establish businesses and self employment initiatives.
Governments should introduce compulsory basic entrepreneurial courses to be offered in schools and provide mentorship towards the same.
• Promote innovation, creativity and foster skill and experience development among young people.
• Creation of Employment
The governments should ensure that at least 1/3 of jobs in the public service are opened up to the youth.
We ask the government to put in place cross border lending systems for citizens living in the Diasporas to allow them to set up businesses and invest at home

Thematic Area(s):
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Goal :  Equitable access to quality education and enhance appropriate technology

Targets and Indicators:  • There should be improvement in the education system that should be accessible and affordable to all and especially the vulnerable youth by having universal primary and secondary education and provision of scholarship for students in colleges and universities at local and international level.
• Emphasize on investment and promotion of education curriculum that is ICT-incorporated, action-oriented, technical, vocational and entrepreneurship based with the aim of preparing youth for self-employment and cope with the actual environment/working conditions
• Streamlining and secure of intellectual and property rights with the aim of supporting local innovations.
• Support of efficient, customized and sustainable local innovation and research to solve societal problems.
• The development, promotion, and implementation of policies that enable internal mobilization of resources towards friendly business environment for local technological organizations/institutions.

Thematic Area(s):
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Goal :  Climate Change, Environmental Sustainability and Food Security

Targets and Indicators:  • Climate change responsive policies:
Climate research by governments and civil societies should be enhanced to develop adaptation capacity. There is need for sufficiently ambitious strategies by the UNFCCC that compels developed countries to ratify the demands of the developing countries particularly in regard to emission targets and climate finance.
• Integrating climate change issues into the development agenda
Recognizing the failure of the MDGs due to lack of climate proofing we demand that the government should integrate climate change in all priority areas of the development agenda.
• Climate smart agriculture, as an adaptation issue and food security.
Governments should avail drought resistant seeds to young farmers, issue fertilizers at subsidized costs, and encourage climate smart agriculture to ensure sustainable food production in Africa.
Governments and UN agencies must consider elimination of food insecurity a long term development goal that can best be achieved by progressing through a sequence of challenging, yet attainable targets.
• Sustainable water resources for urban and rural populations
We demand that governments must ensure universal access to safe water for all people in rural and urban cities, especially slums and minorities, and each country should establish Sanitation and Waste management policy and strategy to be achieved by 2030.
• Sustainable urban cities:
We demand that governments must ensure universal access to safe water for all people in urban cities, and promote the sanitation of every household in the urban area by ensuring that more piped and clean water is reaching all people, and creating an efficient drainage system, garbage collection and waste management in cities.

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Goal :  Good Governance, Peace and Security

Targets and Indicators:  • Government must respect and implement all international human right treaties as well as those enshrined in our constitutions.
• Government ensure that citizens especially the youth have equal and unrestricted access to an effective justice system both in urban and rural areas that is not respective of status and financial background.

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Goal :  (Access to) Social Justice, Protection of Minorities and Vulnerable Groups

Targets and Indicators:  • Young women, indigenous and disabled persons should be represented, as of right, in elective and appointive posts in the political, economical and social arenas.
• We call the government to build institutional capacities to respond to the crisis orphans and vulnerable children.
• Citizens should be effectively embraced by government schemes of social protection, a pension plans and personalized assistances
• Governments should ensure that support is provided for rehabilitation of commercial sex workers into becoming productive and constructive citizens in their respective countries
• Governments should ensure that support is provided for rehabilitation of commercial sex workers into becoming productive and constructive citizens in their respective countries
• Government should enact laws should which conform to gender equality penal codes should be amended to include laws against all kinds of discrimination and punishments for violation specified.

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