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Crowdsourcing proposals for post-2015 to feed into the intergovernmental process on SDGs
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    Governance and the Post-2015 development framework: a civil society proposalOpen, inclusive, accountable and effective governance.
Diarmid O'Sullivan, on behalf of an informal group of 50 civil society organisations
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United Kingdom, EUROPE
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Proposal : Governance and the Post-2015 development framework: a civil society proposal

Summary : The proposal is for the Post-2015 framework to include a goal on open, inclusive, accountable and effective governance, including five targets which should also be integrated into other Post-2015 goals.

The proposal calls for the design, implementation and monitoring of national actions to achieve these targets to take place at national level, via an inclusive process and within global parameters that ensure consistency and comparability between countries.

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Goal : Open, inclusive, accountable and effective governance.

Targets and Indicators:
1. Enable all people and public bodies to obtain detailed and reliable information on sustainable development in a timely and accessible manner: in particular, information about what resources are available, how they are raised and spent and what results they contribute to.

2. Curb corruption and illicit financial flows, which drain away huge sums in much-needed funds.

3. Enhance the effectiveness of public institutions in curbing poverty and promoting sustainable development and maximise their accountability for the use of public resources.

4. Ensure public backing for efforts to curb poverty and inequality by enabling participation of all people in the design, delivery and monitoring of policy, without exclusion or discrimination, and by ensuring rights of free speech, assembly and access to information.

5. Enhance the accountability and positive impacts of business by ensuring full disclosure of relationships between corporations and states and requiring corporations to report to a consistent standard on their impacts on the environment, society and human rights.

The proposal also calls for mechanisms for reporting on, and ensuring accountability for, the attainment of all Post-2015 goals (including a goal on governance) at the global, regional and national levels.

As a contribution to debate, the proposal suggests various existing or potential indicators that might be used to measure different aspects of these five global targets.

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