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Crowdsourcing proposals for post-2015 to feed into the intergovernmental process on SDGs
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    Discussion Paper: Post 2015 and climate change – arguments for a stand-alone climate goal A stand-alone climate goal
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United Kingdom, EUROPE
Date of publication:
Proposal : Discussion Paper: Post 2015 and climate change – arguments for
a stand-alone climate goal

Summary :  This paper has been prepared to inform the discussions of a workshop organised by CAFOD, WWF with the support of CAN-International and Beyond2015 on the options for including climate change in the post-2015 framework.

The objective of this paper is to discuss the option of a stand-alone climate change goal. It takes as a given that mainstreaming of climate change across the framework is desirable, but makes the case for a stand alone climate goal in additional to mainstreaming climate change on the basis that climate change is a major threat to sustainable development and ending poverty, and so demands the profile and added action that goal status would bring with it.

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Goal :  A stand-alone climate goal

Targets and Indicators: Possible Targets:
  • World stays within two degree target
  • Global GHG emissions reduced by x of 1990 by 2030
  • All countries have reduced carbon intensity of their economies by x relative to 1990 by 2030
  • Number of people vulnerable to climate change impacts reduced by x by 2030
  • Losses of life and livelihoods from climate events reduced by x by 2030
  • All countries have financial and technical capacity to respond to climate change by 2030

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